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Every Patient's Journey is Unique

and the path may be unclear.


At Heartland and ManorCare centers we want to help you transition smoothly, safely and quickly from the hospital to home. We proudly assisted 73,400* patients return home last year. That is why we say “your best way home is through our doors.” 

Discharged from the hospital but not quite ready to go home, what’s next? 

Many health care providers will meet your requirements for post-hospital care. But at Heartland and ManorCare centers we strive to surpass them by focusing on your individual needs, interests and potential. We realize patients don’t want to go to a skilled center before returning home, but a short rehab stay can improve independence, ability to manage at home and reduce the likelihood of returning to the hospital.

“After my back surgery, my daughter toured many centers to find the right rehab center for me. I am so pleased with her choice. Now, I’m able to climb steps so I can live at home. I am so thankful for this stop on my way home.” - Ruby

Our Services Include**:

  • Outcomes targeted post-hospital care designed for your needs
  • Specialty medical care with consulting physicians
  • Specialized clinical services
  • Post-hospital physical, occupational and speech therapy services
  • Pre-surgery planning and orientation
  • Education and counseling
  • Nurse liaison to help with your hospital transition
  • Case management services to help navigate your insurance coverage
  • Social services and discharge planning to help you get home safely
  • Nurse practitioners to help manage your care and minimize the
    likelihood of returning to the hospital


 *2017 HCR ManorCare data
**Services vary by facility