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Brenda's Orthopedic Recovery Story

at MedBridge at Heartland of Willoughby


Brenda admitted to MedBridge at Heartland for intensive rehabilitation and comprehensive skilled nursing after having a knee replacement.

"After my knee replacement, I knew I needed rehabilitation to get stronger before I could return home. I chose MedBridge at Heartland of Willoughby for my rehab, and I'm glad I did! When I first arrived, I felt like I was good enough to go home after a couple of days. After my first day of therapy, however, I realized I would not have been able to get around at home like this. The therapy staff really helped me, and I'm much stronger now! My goal was to be able to walk, and I'm happy to say that I can walk much better now than I could when I first got to Heartland. I've been doing a lot of the exercises my therapists gave me, and I'll continue to do them at home. The nursing staff were wonderful as well. I enjoyed spending time with my nurses and aides, and they made me feel special and cared for. I felt very safe there and had a good relationship with all of the staff. I am thankful for everyone at Heartland of Willoughby for making my rehab so meaningful!
"It was a joy to be here. I appreciate everything everyone has done for me. I would definitely recommend MedBridge at Heartland of Willoughby!" – Brenda