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Advanced Planning: Making Choices


You have many choices in life, including those choices about how you want the end of your life to be. It is important to think about your options in advance and share your views with your loved ones. Then, when the time comes to make decisions, if you can't decide for yourself, your loved ones will know that they are doing what you would have wanted. Making these decisions ahead of time will help your care providers know how to take care of you.

Heartland can help. Our Making Choices brochure will help you think about your life and your death and to begin discussions with your loved ones, caregivers and physicians. Our Heartland team is available to meet with you and your loved one to discuss your thoughts and choices.

To view our Making Choices brochure, click here.

To receive a free copy, please call the nearest Heartland Hospice or Heartland Home Health agency.